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The next generation of quality roto-moulded products for the Marine market

Kontra 400 Fishing Grey_edited_edited
Kontra 400R Stern Emergency Services Exhibition_edited
Kontra 350 Console Girl A-Frame_edited
Kontra 450RCC Ice SAR Port Trailer
Kontra 450RCC Ice SAR Side Trailer_edited
Kontra 350 River Mooring_edited
Kontra 400R & 450RCC Emergency Services Exhibition_edited
Kontra 450RCC Ice SAR Bow Trailer
Kontra 450RCC Night Stbd Trailer Lights
Kontra 450 RCC Green Blue Surf Stern
Kontra 450CC Stern Rough Chop Water Spray

Roto-Tech Story

The company Roto-Tech Sp. z o.o. has specialized in the production of a wide range of products made of polyethylene for a number of years, focussed in various commercial market sectors, with high-qualified staff as well as a modern production facility. Products manufactured include tanks for fluids, housings for heat pumps, floats for carrying pipework over water, modular floating docks, pontoon hulls and many others. The Kontra range of boats, manufactured by Roto-Tech, are very well established in professional markets across Europe supplying sectors including rescue, firefighters, police and military with extremely tough craft that can be built to client specification due to highly modular design of components. With this strong foundation and flexibility of application, Kontra boats are increasingly popular for recreational use, and we are pleased to be able to bring this exciting range of craft to the UK market.


Kontra Boats

 KONTRA series are modern, multi-purpose boats made of 100% recyclable polyethylene and no wood! They can be used both for inland and coastal waters, managing perfectly in open water areas and hard-to-reach places.

Available in 3.5m, 4m & 4.5m lengths, with specially designed and thought-out double skin construction, Kontra boats have many air chambers providing additional security on the water. The combination of a V-shaped hull with side floats provide stability, together with excellent speed and maneuverability.

The ingenuitive designers at Roto-Tech didn't stop at the hull, as there are a multitude of layout options possible with all Kontra models, together with 14 colour options! Whether you want maximum space or ultimate storage, tiller control or steering wheel, centre console or walk through, single or multi-colour, there's a Kontra boat for you.

Sponsons, Floats, Pontoons etc.

Modular Docks-PhotoRoom

Choose From Fourteen Standard Colours

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